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Common Questions

Q. Do you have a night Shift?

A. Yes, AG has a full time night shift available to a minimum of 11pm monday to friday, and special arrangements can be made for weekend and holiday work


Q. What file types do you accept?

A. AG can accept most native files (word, indeisgn, photopshop etc) however we recommend high resolution PDF files for production.


Q. How can I submit files?

A. AG has a number of ways of accepting files.  You can use our “submit files” tool on this website; send via FTP (see our resources page); you can email directly to each department or branch; or physically bring in your files on USB or DVD.


Q. Can you print outside of GTA Toronto and Southern Ontario across Canada?

A. Yes AG can! Not only is AG growing through M&A’s and aligning support for any local or Canada wide need. We are also managing colour & delivery needs on many levels through this wide network.



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"I just want to say, WOW.  What a week! I am very thankful for everything you do for me and my clients. You truly are one of a kind. Your work ethic, attention to detail and speediness is valued, appreciated and certainly never ever goes unnoticed..."

April Jorden

Consultant, Procurement Infrastructure -TD Bank Group