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Our FTP site is structured by location then by department. After you have browsed to the appropriate location and department and have finished uploading your files (see below for details), our FTP server will automatically move your files to our production server. If you’ve uploaded your files and it looks like they’ve disappeared, the files have probably been moved to our production server already. You will not be able to create folders or copy folders onto this site – you must upload files.

Uploading a file using Web client:

  1. Provide the Host name of:
  2. Provide Username of: “client”
  3. Provide Password of: “astley”
  4. Select the appropriate location and directory where you would like to upload your files.
  5. Drag stuffed/zipped file onto the web client directory window and it should upload. You can also choose the “PUT FILE” button on the web client window and it will prompt you to locate the file you want to upload.


If you have multiple files please zip/stuff your files into one file before copying files over. You can not copy and folder into our FTP site it must be a file.

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“Just wanted to say thanks to you and John again for your professionalism and responsiveness yesterday and today. The vinyl looks great, and the AGO letters look amazing! We are very happy with it.”

Alyssa C. Fearon

Marketing Coordinator - Art Gallery of Ontario