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Auto Pop Displays are a 3D portable display solution designed to elevate brands and products by creating a highly memorable experience with a strong narrative.

Unlike conventional pop-up banners, which can be costly, cumbersome to set-up, transport, and store - Auto Pops are a lightweight, durable and cost-effective solution for all of your display requirements.

Auto Pop features include: 

  • Elevate brand awareness  
  • Create visual impact
  • 3D cardboard, easy set up in seconds
  • No hardware required
  • Compact, lightweight & easy to ship
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Available in both 5’ and 6’ columns

Elliptical Auto Pop

Elliptical 3D Display with two panels, allow for a single common message or two different messages for promos, POP advertising, in-store marketing, directional signage, and brand awareness.  Available in 5' and 6' heights.

Square Auto Pop

Square 3D Displays with 4 panels allow for a common message throughout or a different one on each panel.  Incorporate an iPad in one panel for promos, before & after, brand awareness, and product placement.  Available in 5' and 6' heights.


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